UNESCO Representative in Gulf Praises Qatar’s Cooperation

02-04-2017 -

Anna Paolini, the UNESCO representative in the Arab States of the Gulf and Yemen and director of UNESCO regional office in Doha, commended Qatar’s efforts and constant cooperation with the organization in the fields of education, culture, sciences and libraries.

Speaking during a press conference held at the regional office in Doha, Paolini expressed appreciation of Qatar’s efforts in support of UNESCO, highlighting the strong ties between the two sides that is evident in constant communication since the opening of the office in 1976.

She said that UNESCO’s plan in the sustainable development field, which was adopted by member states in 2015, support the strategies of the organization and goals that aim to develop education and spread culture and sciences, noting that the achievements on the ground resulted from the deep ties with partners in Qatar from government institutions, universities, schools and private sector.

In turn, some officials from the regional office discussed the activities and programs of the office. In education, Faryal Khan, education program specialist for UNESCO Doha, spoke about cooperation with the Qatari side in designing the policies and strategic planning so as to monitor national progress in the implementation of the fourth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals, which focuses on providing decent education for all.

As for culture, the office organized some initiatives to enhance cultural heritage and preserve it in Qatar such as “Together for Heritage” campaign, in which volunteers from several world countries took part with the aim of maintaining Al Zubarah archaeological site, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The office also joined forces with Katara to organize the intra-culture and multiculturalism dialogue program and featured an international festival that drew the participation of more than 20 countries to perform their art heritage.

In the area of communications and information, the UNESCO office in Doha carried out activities that ensure access to information, including a project that aims to train young people in Qatar to develop mobile applications to preserve document heritage, in addition to office efforts to enhance the role of information and communication technology for people with disabilities.

The press conference highlighted UNESCO efforts in natural sciences in cooperation with institutions in Qatar, notably the Ministry of Municipality and Environment to preserve natural heritage in the country and work on encouraging schools to carry out initiatives that promotes development and climate conservation. (QNA)

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